My Daily Bike Commute…

This is where I will be describing my daily bike commute from my home in Raleigh to IBM in RTP (aka Work).

Friday Feb 15 2008

First day out!

Good ride; I have been getting fat and out of shape from these goofy computers, but my return to the gym two weeks ago has helped me a little. (Thanks for pushing me Mary!)

I was very nervous at first... Would I be too cold? Would I make it there on time? Are these goofy car drivers going to hit me?

Hell I made it to work at 8:59, my earliest arrival all week (pedal past the DAMN TRAFFIC JAMS). My body feels good; I am alert ready for work and I feel at peace (no frustration from horn blowing idiots).

I missed the turn onto Morrisville Parkway (see commute map) which was a BIG mistake. Right around there 54 gets nasty. No shoulder, construction, and late for work people make it a bad place to ride. I will be taking the parkway to Davis Drive from now on.

All in all a good experience... and a morning commute I can look forward to. Lets hope for good weather on Monday!

The ride back

Both ways on the first day! I did not think I would be able to pull it off on my first day riding in almost a year.

I started home on Davis Drive and hit Morrisville Parkway to get to Hwy 54. Davis is nice, but it has those long not so steep grades that make me wish I was riding the Idor fixed gear I rode for so long.

The ride up Morrisville parkway was nice (much better than the section of 54 it helps me avoid), but there is a killer hill at the very end. The hill would not be so bad but my Pops (No Pain Pedal Power AHands) has a nice touring bike with no dang granny gear! A 2:1 ratio fixie rider like me needs to spin up those steep ones.

Got home in about in about 1hr45mins... I slowed it down a bit once I got into Cary (I felt home free). All in all not a bad way to close the work week.

Wed Feb 20 2008

What a wonderful world...

Great ride. I was still a little nervous at first; it was 32F out, but it was not full over cast.

Made it in early again (~8:30a). I took Morrisville Pkwy to Davis this time. What a route. I had about a two mile stretch where I was coasting passed a line of stopped (or slowed) cars. The drivers were very respectful, and they let me be a "special case" part of traffic. Kudos to the cars. ha-ha.

I met another IBM commuter (I am entirely and utterly horrible at remembering names. Thomas?) at the stoplight before the campus... He asked if I would be going on the Frostbite Tour. "I will be riding with my dear ol' dad doing the 40 mile sweep on the Frostbite" I told him. He mentioned that he would be riding the 40 also, and I hope to catch him there.

The best part of this whole commuting to work thing is it makes you feel DAMN GOOD all day. I hope be riding every non-rainy day soon. Hopefully using the showers here at work won't be a burden.

No ride back today though... I lost a screw in one of my cleats. Oh well I need to figure out the TTA bus situation anyway.

Mon Feb 25 2008

Full week? DOH!

Nice ride in... I helped sweep the 40mi route on the frostbite tour this past Saturday I think it made my legs feel a little sluggish but it wasn't so bad. I found myself trying to conserve as much energy as possible by being energy efficient (tucking downhill, slowing at red lights, etc.), but I still made it in under an hour and a half.

The weather was nice. 32 degrees, slight fog, but clear skies made the ride nice and cozy.

I read a quote somewhere (on the internet?) in which a person said "My father said to make sure you see the sunrise at least once a year" I thought it was silly. Only once a year, but then I realized that I had not seen the sunrise in a long time maybe I had gone a whole year. It is great to watch the birth of each day on a regular basis; feeling the elements and my body working is part of the total experience.

The way back.

Tired body, relaxed mind. I left at 4:45p it got a little chilly on the way back. I pushed my self a little early on which made me a little tired on the way in. The ride does not seem as long now; I need to start going for speed in a month or so. I always seem to make 1hr20min - 1hr30consistently.

I was not looking forward to getting home. I had a the shower knob come off in my hand last night (woohoo for showers at work!!), but Glenn (my friend/landlord) had all the parts I needed waiting for me at home! I got it all put back together in about an hour took a nice warm shower then went outside to crank my car... I may not be using her for a bit and I need to keep the oil moving.

I am pretty tired now, but I do plan on riding tomorrow (both ways). Wait looks like rain and I feel pretty beat (too little sleep?); maybe I should take a rest. I'll be hard core like "Yo Adrian" one day. ;- )

Stay tuned…